Top 11 Places We Like More Than Our Desks

We’ve tried our hardest to avoid catching cabin fever, but here at Plan B we’re ready for spring break, or at least a change of scenery from the wet sludge and snow decorating the streets and our shoes. So in our constant state of wanderlust, we thought we’d pull together the Top 11 places we would rather be than at our desks, even if some of those desks are adorned with tropical fishes and Guns n’ Roses posters.

  1. Los Angeles, California. A quick getaway to LA only means one thing: visiting the Hollywood sign. Our Plan B founding partner, Clay, can’t get enough of its creative and architectural design, which only means one thing—he’s recreating the sign for our office.
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City has it all—including our Account Director Dan, who we hope isn’t renewing his wedding vows in one of those little white chapels.
  3. Honolulu, Hawaii. Following her long-awaited, two-week honeymoon and enviable February tan, Account Director Molly’s new favorite vacation spot is the Aloha State.
  4. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In just a few long days, our Senior Art Director, Joe will be working his way through margaritas at Señor Frogs.
  5. Munich, Germany. Four months have passed and Creative Director Terry’s still recovering from his recent Oktoberfest adventure.
  6. Amman, Jordan. Leave it to world-traveler and Account Executive Bana to teach us Chicagoans that Jordan isn’t only the greatest basketball player of all-time. He’s a country, too.
  7. South Korea. According to our Copywriter Cole, you’ve never had Korean BBQ or cabbage-induced gas until you’ve had it in Korea.
  8. Dublin, Ireland. Account Executive Samantha and Account Coordinator Carolyn plan to make the journey to Dublin this summer for Samantha’s family marathon. Let’s hope the luck of the Irish is on their side.
  9. New York, New York. If Art Director James hasn’t already told you that he loves New York, then you might be able to tell by his omnipresent I <3 NY t-shirt. We’re *this* close to staging an intervention.
  10. Orlando, Florida. The “Gone Fishin’” sign on Associate Creative Director Chris’ computer can only mean one thing…he’s not sharing his beers with us this Friday.
  11. Sweet home Chicago. Who wouldn’t want to make a snowman in below-zero wind chills, avoid collisions with children while ice skating at Millennium Park, or take a semi-nude dip in the Lake to raise money for your favorite charity? Although it rains, sleets and Thundersnows, we love our city. Period.

Stay tuned for our Top 11 Must-Try Activities in Chicago…

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