Top 11 Things That Should Have Been Invented By Now

Maybe we’re impatient, but it’s almost the year 2013 and we at Plan B are wondering why nothing astounding has been invented recently. For that matter, did evolution decide to take the 21st century off? Instead of opening a DIY electronics book or taking a dip in radioactive sludge, we’re demonstrating our impatience and disappointment with a list of the Top 11 Things that Should Have Been Invented/Evolved by Now:

  1. Telekinesis: the ability to read the deepest, darkest, innermost private thoughts of complete strangers. (Twitter doesn’t count.)
  2. Flying cars. Flying doughnuts. Free food on flights. Just something—anything new when it comes to flying.
  3. Time machines that don’t have mechanical/temporal distortion/disastrous causality-paradox related issues.
  4. Digital newspapers that update in real-time. And don’t smear ink on your fingers.
  5. A personal robot that won’t turn evil and kill you. And also looks good in a French maid uniform.
  6. Magic meal-replacing pills with flavors from Momofuku.
  7. Digital genie that creates responsive websites with no fuss, and gives you a wish too.
  8. Washing machine that’s also a dryer.
  9. The perfect chocolate chip cookie.
  10. Printer that prints scents.
  11. Resistance to hangovers.

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