Top 11 Things Plan B is Grateful For

Turkey day is quickly approaching. And this year, when asked what we’re thankful for, in addition to the obvious answer of, “Stove Top stuffing and family,” we have decided to compile a list of essential office-related things and people (or, fish and fairies) we couldn’t live without. Family and food aside, here is our list of Top 11 Things Plan B Is Grateful For:

  1. Express couriers. You’ve got to be thankful for someone who is constantly saving your butt.
  2. Caffeine and sugar. Coffee, pop, tea, coffee, pop, coffee, candy, candy, pop, tea, coffee. We run on this stuff! (Ok, deep breath.)
  3. Single-stall bathrooms. Because it’s about the simple things in life, really.
  4. Our office’s proximity to great lunch spots like Slurping Turtle and M Burger (food just wasn’t able to escape this list). Once Thanksgiving leftovers run out, we’ll be able to stay festively plump.
  5. Our office fish tank. Housing finned-friends with names like Napoleon Bonacarp and Fidel Basstro, our pets are just as eclectic as we are.
  6. Low-key attire. Nothin’ says agency alternative like a Texas tuxedo.
  7. Our resident “beer fairies.”
  8. Desk knick-knacks, including rubber ducks with mo-hawks and used disposable cameras.
  9. Dual monitors so that when the first of the month website analytics data pulls come, we can enjoy the data porn in all its glory.
  10. Pandora. The holiday music station is already queued up to play post-Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t make it through hip-hop Fridays without some old school Ja Rule.
  11. The amazing people we work with. From our colleagues to our clients, we’re one lucky (grateful, well fed, and tipsy) bunch!

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