Top 11 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

It’s that time of year again! Time to check the candy apples for needles, shimmy into some blood red fishnets and/or a Nixon mask and revel in the corporate takeover of a pagan death festival! We here at Plan B spend all year catering creative concepts to our clients, but Halloween is one of the few times we can come up with insanely ridiculous ideas without any account people telling us, “This won’t fly.” Here’s a list of our Top 11 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012:

  1. Ronald McDonald’s Type II Diabetes McInsulin Pump
  2. The ghost of a Coca Cola polar bear who drowned due to global warming
  3. Snap, Crackle and Pop doped up on snap, crackle and pop
  4. A man dressed in worn out denim and wrapped in blue cellophane, or, as he’s better known, a Viagra ad.
  5. A tombstone that says “Print Advertising” on the front and “Why does no one like me?” on the back
  6. A social media manager with three iPhones, severe-looking glasses and no meaningful relationships
  7. The Ghost of Websites Past, or, as he’s better known, the Sock Puppet
  8. An environmentally-conscious mass murderer covered in fair-trade, locally sourced, organic blood
  9. Rainbow-colored Chik-Fil-A cows
  10. Attach some pictures of mason jars to a Hellraiser mask and go as Pinterest
  11. Tape a bunch of cuts of beef to a shirt that says “Multi-Meatia Strategy” on the front and “Seriously, you guys, why does no one like me?” on the back


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