Top 11 Things On Plan B’s Holiday Wish List

We get it. We know that forgetfulness is a common symptom of getting swept up in the holiday shopping hubbub. Your gift list is probably seven or eight feet long, what with all the friends, relatives, and people who expect to be treated as friends or relatives. Not to mention the assorted pets and coworkers you feel obligated to shop for. Now, we’re not trying to be pushy or anything. But this year, don’t forget the hardworking boys and girls at your favorite agency alternative, Plan B. We didn’t forget you; we have a surprise (showcasing our own special brand of holiday bliss) coming soon. But, should you choose to spread around some of the seasonal cheer that we rightfully deserve are kindly requesting, consider these: the Top 11 Things On Plan B’s Holiday Wish List. After all, we’ve been very, very good boys and girls this year. [Editor’s Note: We’ve included links for your shopping convenience.]

  1. Terry Mertens, Creative Director: “I wish I was a little bit taller.” link
  2. Margie Shabazz, Controller: “Olivia Newton John leg warmers.” link
  3. Matt Marcus, Director of New Business: “World peace as described in the 1985 supergroup rendition of ‘We Are The World.’” link
  4. Dannalyn Prado, Account Executive ”A new desk chair. Specifically, the OSIM uAstro Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.”
  5. Andrew Ortolano, Developer: “Anything from The Foundary collection.” link
  6. Bob Marshall, Social Media Strategist: “An exceedingly awkward interaction with a newly-wed Kiera Knightley.” link
  7. Jacqueline Zenn, Digital Strategist: “A pet snow leopard. Not only would it be rare, exotic, and fabulous, but no one messes with the chick who has a snow leopard. Also, out of all the big cats I think a snow leopard would coordinate with my wardrobe the best.” link
  8. Colleen Moore, Office Manager: “I really like hot water. This year, I’m asking for the gift of hot water.”
  9. Dan Ptak, Account Manager: “I want the snakeskin jacket from the Heineken commercials and the Most Interesting Man in the World‘s cougar.” link and link
  10. Cole Orloff, Copywriter: “This year I would like a Dyson Hot™ fan heater. With an ultra-efficient brushless DC motor and Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology, the Dyson Hot™ projects heat throughout the whole room further and faster than any competition; thereby ensuring that my lonely father won’t freeze to death after imbibing his traditional holiday 6×6 (six six-packs of Old Style tallboys), opening all of the windows in the house because it’s ‘hot as the devil’s buttcrack in here,’ and then passing out on his retro collection of Playboy Magazines.” link


Don Weaver Partner/Cross Media Creative Director

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