Top 11 Signs Your Ad Agency May Not “Get” Social Media

  1. Their Facebook profile picture is the default silhouette head.
  2. You ask if they would advise getting an in-house tweeter and they recommend Bose.
  3. Their agency blog has just one post (outlining tips on “how to prepare for Y2K”).
  4. Every time you ask for some social integration ideas they invite you out for drinks.
  5. Their LinkedIn network has 7 connections, and they’re all relatives of a summer intern.
  6. Your A.E. says he’s tried QR codes once…at a Brazilian churrascaria.
  7. The Creative Director forgets to log out of the agency account and spams your Twitter feed with beer-by-beer updates from Mardi Gras.
  8. A disgruntled former Design Intern hijacks the agency’s YouTube account, posting clips of himself brewing a special pot of coffee…and it has over 820,000 views (and counting).
  9. They’re “waiting for this whole social media thing to blow over”.
  10. The “viral video” you emailed was quarantined by IT staff.



You can Tweet a truncated Foursquare message through a semantic world wide web, including a destination for tracking, and then have it automatically update your Facebook page, where you’ve uploaded a YouTube video with an embedded LinkedIn request, and configure it all to synchronize with tumblr and flickr for the ultimate mash-up, but if nobody clicks through, or ENGAGES personally with your message, you may as well be standing on the side of the road wearing a sign that says “Widget Sale.”

In today’s avalanche of technology outlets, it’s not enough to know ABOUT social media, you have to have to know how to make these solutions work for you. Because if you don’t, they can actually work against you. We see examples of it every day.

Oh yeah, and it doesn’t hurt to add a touch of the “Did you see that video of the baby barfing in his dad’s dress shoes?” for a little viral buzz.

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