Top 11 Things Your Account Executive is doing instead of taking your call

  1. Searching conference rooms for leftover bagels.
  2. Relaxing at the coffee station, re-living drunken highlights from the agency bar crawl at the coffee station.
  3. Scrubbing podcasts of Mad Men for vintage catch phrases.
  4. Renewing subscription to American Speed Boat.
  5. Customizing an Evite for an Ice Loves Coco marathon.
  6. Learning how to push fantasy football stats to his new BlackBerry.
  7. Training for the weekly intra-office ping-pong tournament.
  8. Working overtime on the George Olsen Lehman File – a.k.a. GOLF.
  9. Looking up Angry Birds cheats on YouTube.
  10. Deleting the environmentally friendly messaging below their email signature before printing out a half-ream of client emails regarding sustainability initiatives.
  11. #1


    When your account guy’s workplace crush becomes more important than your business, it’s definitely time to draw up a new plan. A Plan B to be exact. Yes, imagine an agency alternative, if you will, where account executives, administrative assistants and creatives alike all give your business the attention it deserves. Can you see it? That’s precisely how Plan B came to be.

    First we saw Plan A…then we saw a better way.


    We offer our entire breadth of comprehensive traditional, digital, and social marketing services unbundled, so you can take advantage of only those services you need, when you need them. There’s no mandatory Agency-Of-Record agreement to sign. No long-term, multi-service commitment to make. Just top-tier creative thinking, unsurpassed service, and value you can’t get from most big agency relationships.

    And here’s the best part. Without any fat retainers to exploit, we have to earn every assignment by over-delivering on our last. As you might imagine, this pushes us to deliver a level of client service that’s as refreshing as our creative work.

    So whatever our clients’ marketing and advertising needs may be, they know Plan B will always answer the call.
    explain the idea of what Plan B is all about and how we think. But watching it unfold in a video is much easier and more fun.

6 thoughts on “Top 11 Things Your Account Executive is doing instead of taking your call

  1. tracking LeBron’s every move, in case his agency has an office in Cleveland, Chicago, or wherever he’s headed.

  2. I think he’s been debating some of life’s biggest questions; Simpsons or Family Guy? Ginger or Mary Ann? What really happened to Tony Soprano?

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