Awareness at the Speed of McLaren

Luxury at the speed of lightness. That’s Artura.  

As McLaren’s first-ever hybrid supercar, the all-new Artura features ultra-light engineering and electrifying power. To help raise awareness for this groundbreaking vehicle and drive excitement around its debut, Plan B has been executing multifaceted marketing efforts aimed at McLaren’s North American target audience.

Those marketing efforts include this latest print ad, showcasing the sleek and sexy Artura along with engaging wordplay leveraging the vehicle’s attributes of luxury, speed, lightness, and electrification. To reach McLaren’s targets of high-wealth individuals in the market for a new supercar, the ad is running this month in high-end automotive enthusiast magazines, such as Road & Track and Car and Driver.

As an additional element, the ad includes a QR code that when scanned leads readers to a landing page – also designed by Plan B – where they can register for a private driving experience for the Artura.

Check out the full ad below.

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