As the global market leader in electric drives for motorboats, Torqeedo is changing the way people are boating around the world. But in the United States, the German-based brand needs to raise awareness about – and sales of – its environmentally friendly electric boat motors.

Enter Plan B.

Our team developed a wide array of creative concepts to establish Torqeedo’s brand positioning. Some concepts communicated the eco-friendly features and benefits of the brand’s Travel outboard motor models, with other concepts leaning into the sustainability ethos core to the company’s “why.”

Torqeedo - "Exhaustively Tested" Concept Torqeedo - "We Are All In The Same Boat" Concept

Torqeedo - "E-Mobility On The Water" Concept Torqeedo - "Is Your Footprint On The Water" Concept

Torqeedo - "Carpe Futurum" Concept Torqeedo - "We forget that the water cycle. and the life cycle are one" Concept

Torqeedo - "Clean Conscience" Concept
Creative Concepts

The client selected their two favorites to test for a programmatic, paid search, and social media campaign.

“Love the Water/World” highlights the Travel 1103 motor and Torqeedo’s dedication to sustainability. Eco-friendly copy stresses Torqeedo’s commitment to saving our planet while we enjoy boating on it.

Torqeedo - Digital ad - Love the water. Love the world.

The “No More” concept focuses on the practical benefits of upgrading to/choosing Torqeedo. By emphasizing all the “negatives” eliminated by a Torqeedo motor, the “No More” concept positions the brand as the smarter, easier, healthier, more responsible alternative to noisy, traditional gas-guzzling motors.

Torqeedo - Digital ad - No more

Launched in early May, both campaigns link to a Plan B-designed landing page that educates visitors about the e-motor market and shows off the 1103 and 603 Travel motors in action on the water. Internally at Torqeedo, the campaigns already are making waves, with the company’s leadership planning to leverage our creative for ads in its European markets.  

While the three-month campaign just launched, early signs indicate it’s well on pace to exceed established sales targets.

Torqeedo - Landing Page









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