Getting Social Media Video Rolling with Atturo Tires


Plan B wanted to help client Atturo Tires find entertaining new ways to tap into this growing trend of authentic, UGC-style videos on its social channels. Of course, we’re no strangers to getting brands rolling on social media. So, in true 2021 fashion, we decided to take things remote – remote control, that is.

Our team tricked out a Ford Bronco R/C truck with Atturo’s colors and logo and a miniature set of the brand’s Trail Blade BOSS tires, headed to the woods with an iPhone camera in hand, and went “Live Streaming” with our buddy “Brett.”

This piece of quick-hitting, playful content performed well on Atturo’s social media platforms, generating more than 2,000 views and 12,700 impressions on Instagram, while helping the brand add 105 net followers over a five-day span – up 64% from the previous five days.

Watch it here – and be sure to turn up the volume!

The competition for eyeballs on social media channels has never been more rugged. In fact, a new study released this month during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show found that U.S. consumers now spend nearly as much time streaming videos on social platforms as they do watching traditional TV.

That’s a lot of tick tock on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and the like.

The Consumer Technology Association revealed that among all Americans age 13 or older, 16% of their total weekly media hours are now spent watching user-generated video content, just shy of the 18% of time spent watching traditional television content.

From snappy, “authentic” snippets to polished, longer-form storytelling, Plan B is ready to roll with creative video solutions for your brand’s social media channels. Roll on over to the new Social Media Content page to explore more of what we’ve produced for our clients!


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