We’re Putting the “B” in Bike

The B’s Are Ready to Roll…To work!

With National Bike Month preceding our return-to-office start date, the B-Team is rolling through May on some brand-new wheels. To help make our employees feel comfortable on their commute to work, help keep the city clean, and add just a bit more fun to their mornings, each staff member was offered $500 towards the purchase of a new bike – in exchange for just a creative submission involving their ride. Check out below the ways our employees are pimping their pedals!


B-Team member Andrew and his bike wrapped in reflective tape Helmet with tubing attached to cans on either side








B-Team members, Andrew and Alex, used their new rides to creatively approach bike safety! Andrew wrapped his bike in reflective tape to keep his spokes in the spotlight, while Alex re-imagined a way to stay refreshed while he rolls.


Bicycle in apartment Screenshot of a cycling app with map showing a 28-mile ride along Lakeshore Drive











Chicago has more than 200 miles of bike lanes and over 13,000 bike racks! Our CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist, Nikola, pushed his pedals to the medal on a 28-mile ride along the beautiful Lakeshore Trail.


Folding bike Mini paper folding bike









With 15 bicycles fitting in the same space as one car, commuting via the trusty spokes-and-chain keeps that morning rush clearer for everyone. Junior copywriter, Hallie, took this compact perk to the next level with a folding bike … and folded her own while she waited for its arrival.

Electric skateboard

Sometimes, creativity comes from the medium itself. In a city that welcomes all kinds of wheels, our Web Developer, Colin, chose to think-outside-the-box and score a new electric skateboard. His pandemic-era advice? “You can’t go back or start over … but you can move forward … and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Keep on pedaling, or in my case, ‘pushing’!”


At Plan B, we’re fortunate to have been able to seamlessly continue our operations from home during the pandemic, and we are looking forward to getting back to our desks and coworker camaraderie in our River North office soon. As the city begins to re-open, we hope you’ll join us in navigating this brighter summer ahead … whichever way you roll!

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