Top 11 Things We Learned At Social Media Week

Chicago Social Media Week 2012

Chicago’s second Social Media Week is in the books and naturally our agency’s social media team participated by attending and sitting on panels, going to parties, and of course, live-tweeting along the way. Here’s what we discovered.

11. Don’t worry if you missed capturing a key quote from a panelist in your notes. At least six other people have already tweeted it.

10. Wifi access is essentially oxygen to social media marketers.

9. Actually listening to your customers and not just treating them like statistics is what actually moves the needle.

8. Quit accumulating data and start engaging. Planning can only take you so far.

7. Visuals applications like Instagram and Pinterest are so hot right now.

6. Social media is a truly worldwide phenomenon – the U.S. was only responsible for 23% of total Social Media Week tweets.

5. Contests drive consumer behavior on social media, according to research from Northwestern University.

4. Having the right people following you on various social platforms is more important than mere numbers.

3. A consumer experiences 10 different “touchpoints” on average before deciding to purchase a particular product or brand.

2. Comments matter more than “likes” or retweets, since they represent a higher level of engagement or interaction.

1. Social media people are unabashedly nerdy and love their gadgets more than anyone really should love a hunk of plastic and metal.

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