The Top 11 Protest Signs You’ll See At Occupy Madison Ave

On Nov. 4th, the Occupy Wall Street movement will spawn a separate movement, one targeting another famous street in Manhattan: Madison Avenue. The workers of the American advertising industry will convene at 295 Madison Ave. to protest, among other things, job security, stagnant wages, and, of course, “stupid copy changes.” Or, at least it’ll only happen if people decide to act on a mysterious flier that’s been circulating throughout New York for the last couple of weeks.

Let’s be honest, the event will probably consist of a handful of people milling about to see if anything actually happens. But, in our fantasy, Occupy Madison Avenue will become a full-fledged movement on a similar scale to it’s more politically focused predecessor, with art directors and account executives alike cuffed and shoved into paddywagons, all the while screaming obscenities at “the Man.” In our dream world, these will be the Top 11 Protest Signs You’ll See at Occupy Madison Avenue. (And, of course, they will all feature very professional art direction.)

  1. “We are the 99% (of people who used this protest as an excuse to get out of a client meeting).”
  2. “#Occupy holding companies. Ours stopped returning our calls.
  3. “I’m a person, not a commodity. But, everything else is fair game.”
  4. “Can we all just agree on never using QR codes ever again?”
  5. “The revolution will be live-streamed (with commercial breaks you can’t skip)!”
  6. “Blogs, not bombs.”
  7. “Show me what democracy looks like! Seriously, these 2012 election TV spots aren’t going to concept themselves.”
  8. “This protest is a total rip-off of a protest I saw on Tumblr.”
  9. “The NYC protest scene is totally dead. Portland is where the REALLY creative protesting is happening these days.”
  10. “I’m a Miami Ad School student, so you old farts probably don’t ‘get’ my sign. But, I assure you, IT’S GROUNDBREAKING.”


“Angry and unemployed. I can’t believe none of you have hired me yet!”

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