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The situation

In the mid-2000s, fitness equipment manufacturer Keiser hit a home run with its groundbreaking magnetic-resistance indoor bike for spin classes, and saw sales skyrocket – without a marketing budget. However, by mid-2010s, other cardio brands eventually caught up to Keiser’s bike technology, and with no digital infrastructure, marketing plan, or social media department, Keiser was losing market share.

The situation

Despite offering pneumatic-resistance strength equipment just as
revolutionary as its indoor cycling technology, Keiser was largely known as “just a bike company,” with strength having low awareness and adoption among health club trainers and the general gym-going public. Faced with these challenges, Keiser needed marketing support to recapture indoor bike market share and increase sales of strength equipment to health clubs.

The insight

When it comes to equipment purchasing decisions, health club owners only really care about machines that increase membership close rates and reduce attrition. Meanwhile, fitness trainers and exercise enthusiasts are both vanity-driven and regularly post content from their workouts to their social channels, often tagging fitness equipment brands.


Health club owners only care about machines that attract and keep members

The solution

As Keiser’s full-service agency partner, Plan B worked with the brand to
establish a bold, new positioning of “Good Enough Isn’t” and develop a dynamic new website and digital tools.

The solution

With trainers and exercise enthusiasts already so active on social channels, Plan B developed a marketing strategy that leveraged social as a cost-effective and impactful way to launch the new brand and connect with target audiences. This social-driven strategy was designed to “influence the influencers” – i.e., gym and health club owners – by showing Keiser equipment in use, how the brand’s unique machines can help set a gym apart, and generate greater demand.

Plan B built a content vault of graphics to reinforce the brand ethos, educate followers and Keiser technology, and provide Reasons to Believe. We also built an e-commerce platform and leveraged social for cardio equipment sales promotions.

The results

  • Grew Instagram followers from 1.8K to 32K and increased engagements 8,500% in 4 years.
  • Doubled Facebook followers to 8.5K and generated 13.2M impressions in 4 year.
  • YouTube video series featuring products, brand story and testimonials generated 450K+ views.


In 4 years, Plan B grew Keiser’s Instagram following from 1,800 to 32,000

The results

  • Keiser was tagged in posts by famous athletes, including Tom Brady, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Heavyweight Boxing Champion Anthony Joshua, MMA fighter Connor McGregor, and many others.
  • Developed a passionate online social community where fitness enthusiasts could engage with content that inspires them to push their limits “Because … ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t.”
  • Saw equipment sales revenue grow by more than 37% in 5 years.

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies