Article Of The Week: Brands Are Not People

AdAge recently published an article called, “No, Brands Aren’t People — and Consumers Don’t Want Them to Be.”

Here are some of the most interesting parts of the article:

“Brands’ strategy of imitating people — and spinning out content designed to drive brand engagement — can ultimately add to consumer cognitive overload.”

“Facilitating honest consumer-to-consumer advice and making the purchase as simple as possible will net you more goodwill than a million “engaging” Facebook updates.”

“Use measures of customer health — such as loyalty, share of wallet and individual customer development — to evaluate brand and functional performance. Avoid the transactional metrics typical of social-media platforms.”

“Bring in staff that will excel despite distractions, setbacks, or long periods without feedback, rather than hiring for digitally-savvy, energetic and agile marketers.”

The full article: AdAge

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