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If you’re pushing for A RAISE,

We believe it’s our job as marketing partners to make your job easier. Period. That means going above and beyond what you’d expect from an agency partner. We’re proactively thinking about the things that keep you up at night, bringing new ideas to the table, taking more off of your shoulders, and giving you the back-up support to sell in (and up!) smarter, faster, cheaper ways to drive results, revenue, and growth. Ready to go?

This page is essentially a quick-start guide to activating your Plan B.

Browse. Explore. Deliberate.

But don’t hesitate. Waiting is what gets you fired.


“Our business has scaled phenomenally to accommodate the growth in traffic and contributed to high end user experience, a key driver for our growth”

Abe Quigley, Marketing Director

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Below are some of the ways we’ve been helping marketing-minded professionals get ahead.

In-housing Vs Outsourcing.

We take on the dilemma of whether to invest in your own creative marketing resources, or engage the support of an outside partner. There are plusses and minuses to both…and an alternative way of thinking about this conundrum that may surprise you.

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How much SHOULD I spend on marketing?

Ah…the age-old dilemma. Well, it all depends, of course. As the number of factors to consider climbs higher, your confidence can sink lower and lower. Perhaps a few thoughts from someone on the outside would help?

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Social Media Mania.

It’s been among of our clients’ hottest hot topics…what to do with their social media. How to do it. Who should do it. How often to do it. Where to do it. WHY to do it (believe it or not). So many questions. Where do we even begin?

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Real Virtual Events.

Social distancing really threw a wrench into the event and exhibition industry and all those marketers who depended on it…for exposure, and for forging important partner and client relationships. Even as in-person events make a comeback, it’s good to know there’s now the flexibility to go virtual if you need to. We know…because we’ve done it.

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Beyond Advertising.

It’s a real shit show in the world of marketing. And technology is the culprit. We’re innovating faster than we can keep up! The internet made so much more possible, but now the wheels are officially off. Mobile everything. Streaming services. Connected devices. Social media. Where does a marketer even begin anymore? We have a few thoughts on that…

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In Lieu of Spec…

There was a time when we’d happily sink 6 figures into producing a bunch of speculative creative work for you in the hopes of convincing you that we’re the perfect partner. But shoot outs like those have become a thing of the past. For us, anyway. There’s no better way to get to know an agency than to try them out. To validate the quality of our work, you can see what we’ve done. Then let’s talk about what we can do for you…even if it’s small to start.

Marketer Hotline.

Okay, so it’s an emergency and you’re out of time and people to call. You can call me. I’m Clay, one of the founding partners and part-time marketing medic. I’ve got the resources of an entire independently-owned agency behind me, including a network of partners and best-of-breed confederates who can pull you out of whatever hole you’ve found yourself in.

Speed dial

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies