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Alternative medicine for automakers
Suffering from
symptoms of #FUCME

FUCME is real, and it's spreading. Here's what you can do to treat it.


Finding buyers who are in-market NOW for your vehicles isn’t easy…unless you know how to look for them. It requires thinking beyond the same shotgun approach to digital strategy, looking at both a person’s past behavior and their present browsing patterns. And considering not only CAN they buy your vehicles, but will they? And are they ready to buy one today?

Digging deeper into the data, we look not only for financially capable consumers, but motivated drivers-to-be…so you can cost-efficiently serve them highly relevant and timely ads specific to their point on the path to purchase. It’s a remedy for underperforming digital campaigns we call Radically Sharper TargetingTM, and it’s your secret weapon in the fight against #FUCME.

Sharper is better

The problem with most ad buys, even today, is that you end up wasting precious marketing dollars talking to people who either aren’t capable of buying, or interested in, your luxury class cars
 and SUVs.

A better way to reach the motivated few is with Radically Sharper TargetingTM. We’ve engineered a way to merge data stores for the purpose of identifying high-value targets with both a likelihood of brand interest and a propensity for buying the kinds of vehicles you make. That means more of your marketing budget can be invested in precision-purchased media that yields significantly greater ROI.

Today’s data also gives us a glimpse into whether someone is ready to buy, and if so, what kind of message might best appeal to them. So now you’re delivering ads that are every bit as relevant as they are timely.

Time for Plan B?

As an automotive marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience and expertise delivering propriety tools that move cars faster, we can supercharge your prospecting, getting farther faster among owners and prospects who aren’t just able, but ready to buy.

Once a vehicle is purchased, Plan B also has the CRM expertise to maintain that relationship and build brand loyalty for future purchases. We can seamlessly team up with your current agency-of-record, or operate independently as your full-service partner. Greater ROI. No long-term contract. Just much-needed relief from the everyday pains of #FUCME.


Learn more about the highly strategic, hyper-surgical digital targeting that led you here, as well as all of Plan B’s automotive marketing, advertising, and CRM-related capabilities.

Request our propaganda pack today and get a free #FUCME mug…our no-obligation way of saying ‘thanks for connecting.’

Hashtag campaign propaganda pack - form


Please forgive us for the crass, borderline vulgar nature of this campaign. This isn’t how we typically court new clients, or presume to work on their behalves. But as a smaller, independently owned shop, we sometimes have to make a little more noise and rely on our street smarts to get noticed. The fact that you’re here means we’ve succeeded in that endeavor. But enough about us…let’s talk about you!

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies