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The challenge

Specialty non-prescription pharmaceutical manufacturer Alva-Amco wanted to rebrand its over-the-counter psoriasis medication Psoriasin by developing a 30-second video commercial that entrenches the product in the market and creates a lasting brand recognition.

The insight

Psoriasis is an incurable disease, something that psoriasis sufferers know all too well. So, marketing any product as “The Solution” is more likely to turn off potential customers due to overpromising and under-delivering. Instead, the target audience is more likely to respond well to a forthright message with clear, knowledgeable language about the realities of psoriasis. At the same time, that message must also be unique and memorable to stand out in a shelf full of OTC competitors.

The solution

Plan B developed four strategic campaign video concepts communicating knowledgeable messaging about psoriasis in a clever way along with a compassionate tone. Each concept delivered varying balances of levity and gravity while sharing the benefits of Psoriasin, and all four were tested among focus groups. Insights from testing were leveraged to revise and narrow down to the concept that left the strongest impression while also maintaining a positive presence.

The solution

The winning concept – “Fight Back Against Flare Ups” – particularly struck a chord with the target audience, depicting psoriasis symptoms as illustrated “flame demons” and leveraging direct, persuasive language that made a memorable impression about Psoriasin’s benefits without over-promising. With the concept approved, Plan B developed a full script and storyboard, managed production of a video shoot, and developed a comprehensive product landing page.

The solution

The final commercial spot was rolled out on social media platforms, including YouTube pre-rolls and Facebook ads, to fire up impressions for Psoriasin and educate psoriasis sufferers about the best product to fight back against flare-ups.

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