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McLaren Automotive

The Data Drove Us

The challenge

McLaren Automotive is a U.K. based supercar manufacturer that sells vehicles globally. In North America, it has a network of 27 dealers and counting, most of which are located in the United States. To support that network, McLaren needed a hyper-local lead generation program to address unique challenges in each dealership market

The insight

The North American marketplace is diverse. Each city presents unique prospecting challenges that influence McLaren sales, including drivability, weather, geography, population psychographic profiles, competitive set, and wealth generation. To successfully drive leads, we could not approach the dealership network with a “one solution fits all” program.


During the campaign duration, in-market organic Google searches increased by 300%.

The solution

Plan B developed and deployed a data-driven, hyper-local prospecting program, launching in four diverse markets to test tactics and strategies while gathering key learnings. With a foundation in research and acquisition of garage data (names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, specific cars ownership history/details) for each of the dealership markets, our team could identify targets—and look-alike targets—differentiating those that wanted to purchase a McLaren from those who could afford one. From this data, we built target interest/behavioral segments to customize messages, enhancing their relevance and persuasion effectiveness.

Ultimately, these garage data segments helped turbocharge above-the-line programmatic advertising such as banners, videos, mobile predictive audience, and search, as well as a multitude of below-the-line efforts, including email campaigns and event marketing.

The results

Participating dealerships saw a heavy increase in qualified leads, ranging from 40 to 60+ leads. From these, dealers are working toward the program goal of selling/leasing five vehicles.


Participating dealerships received over 60 additional qualified leads from the program.

Plan B named among Chicago's Top Ad Agencies