Red Tape Video Series

Red Tape: Economy Video 

Even when the economy is not doing well, you still can. When working with Plan B, instead of paying for high rent, utilities, and corporate overhead, you pay for things that might actually help your business, like IDEAS! That’s been the Plan B way since 1999. Learn more by watching the story of how one hyper-efficient, fully integrated creative ad agency keeps businesses looking up, even in a down economy.


Red Tape: “Big Idea” Video 

Plan B is not an agency built on commissions or contracts, but one built on ideas. We share the belief that effective communication doesn’t lie in the volume of the message, but rather in the approach. We work together with our clients to reach a common goal. The goal? Ideas that are not only smart but effective. That’s the agency alternative. That’s Plan B. Learn more by watching the story of how one creatively driven ad agency uses big ideas to outsmart the competition, without having to outspend them.


Red Tape: Streamlining Video 

At Plan B, clients don’t have to deal with a layered hierarchy – also known as a bureaucratic structure – or what we refer to as B.S. We hate layers. We hate titles. And more than anything, we hate B.S.! We flatten out those expensive time-sucking layers and surround you with a transparent team, giving you direct access to the right person, with the right answer, right away. Learn more by watching the strange, complicated tale of communicating with the communication experts at most ad agencies.

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