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‘B’ is for… BICYCLES

…and ‘BIG’ flex

Here’s Ricky with 3-time TdF winner Greg LeMond (after winning an event where GL was the celebrity guest rider the year after he retired).

Plan B’s founding partner Ric Van Sickle started racing as a teen (a Cat 2/3 roadie/trackie) back when the last big wave of bike-tech innovation hit the streets: from index shifting to carbon fiber everything — he’s been an early adopter and an innovation enthusiast … and is still at it: Just finished the Dirt Diggler Gravel Grinder! We hope that gives us some cred to help Plan B stand out from the herd of potential marketing partners on your radar. We truly ‘walk the walk.’ Or … would that be ‘ride the ride?’

…and Business is Booming

The sustainable transportation industry is in a pandemic-driven expansion phase that’s just beginning (time to solidify your brand’s position in the public minds!). From gravel bikes and e-Bikes to high-pivot MtB suspensions, tubeless road tires, wireless e-grouppo’s and stunning training data tech — it’s an exciting time to be a player in the bike space! But … how do you maintain the momentum and communicate your brand ethos in a meaningful way that sustains your brands’ growth?

That’s where we come in. Our work is big, bodacious, beautiful, ballsy and every other b-word imaginable. Take a look through our portfolio and learn about how the Plan B vibe can help your brand break away — and win. Even against the big names many assume will dominate.

…how ‘B-A’ was the bell we sent you?

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