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If you think your brand deserves a more balanced approach to attracting customers instead of chasing themβ€”an approach that blends a customized and highly nuanced mix of delivery channels, managed and authored by a pleasant, accessible team of passionate marketing generalists who β€˜get’ brand AND technology β€” please give Clay Cooper a call at 312.222.0303 x224 or email:

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We made a JIF GIF, because it sounded like a good idea: #JIF #GIF #minions #USA

2 weeks ago
Plan B® Advertising

How feedback can transform ideas from "ugly babies" into creative genius, according to #Pixar founder Ed Catmull:

2 weeks ago
Plan B® Advertising

New study shows women are less likely to be shown ads for high paying jobs on Google. via @guardian

2 weeks ago
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RT @TomValueOfDebt: My book has a trailer! Thanks to the awesome team @ThisIsPlanB for making it happen. Check it out:

1 month ago
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Our #DonateYourBreak sponsor, @FarmersFridge is offering salads at 50% off until Wed. at 451 N. State! #TryTheKaleCeasar #youwontregretit

1 month ago
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Thank you to everyone who helped make Donate Your Break a bloody success! @LifeSourceOrg

1 month ago
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3 more days until our community #blooddrive, Donate Your Break. Schedule your appointment at

1 month ago
Plan B® Advertising

#Visa & #FIFA: The danger of tying your #brand to a (allegedly, but probably) corrupt organization via @Adweek

1 month ago

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Jul 17, 2015 09:41am

From Paris, France to Pune, India, we just wrapped up a tour of Oakwood Worldwide's properties for their new global locations video. Our team even got the job done without having to budget for a private jet.

Oakwood Worldwide Global Locations Video

Oakwood Worldwide is the the premier global provider of corporate housing and serviced apartment solutions.

Jul 14, 2015 11:15am

We're thrilled to welcome two (tiny) new members to the Plan B team! Congrats to Phil on the birth of his daughter Estella on 6/30 and Molly on the birth of her son Tasso on 7/11! If they're anything like their parents, then we can't wait to work with them in 2037!

Plan B [the agency alternative]

Jul 10, 2015 12:16pm

WARNING: leave our creative team without adult supervision and JIF GIFs (and other shenanigans) ensue... See the GIF in action at

We Made a Jif Gif | Plan B

Yesterday, our management team spent the day in an Arrested Development-esque sweat lodge (or a temporary office space down the streetβ€”you choose) for eight intense hours of deep business discussions and team-building activities.

Jul 09, 2015 02:36pm

It's tangy, tasty and one of our favorite projects of the year: the all-new Plochman'! See how we gave the "best mustard 'round" the best website 'round:

Plochman's Mustard | Home

At Plochman's, we've remained committed to making first class mustards, with quality ingredients since 1852.

The Creative Brief – Evolved



Creative. Brief. Most are neither.
As nextgen marketers we studied the evolution in how people read, consume and absorb informational content and decided that the traditional (and often ineffective) creative brief format needed to be updated. We’ve done away with long form narrative copy. Asked more of the key (yet often ignored) business questions. And we created a brief where critical information is conveyed in digestible nuggets. It’s all part of being the agency that can evolve at the speed of change.


If you would like to get our input on your CB, shoot it over to us at

PlanB's Gulp Racing Tumblr

Our ‘73 Volkswagen Fastback willΒ need a little love before racing in the 24 Hours of LeMons again, but it started with a little Plan B field trip to Indiana to pick it up from storage.

Look for Team CarError at the Gingerman Raceway and Autobahn Counter Club Summer 2015!

10 months ago