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If you think your brand deserves a more balanced approach to attracting customers instead of chasing them—an approach that blends a customized and highly nuanced mix of delivery channels, managed and authored by a pleasant, accessible team of passionate marketing generalists who ‘get’ brand AND technology — please give Clay Cooper a call at 312.222.0303 x224 or email:

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No road trip is complete without some Labor Day historical trivia, fun for the whole family! #LaborDay #arewethereyet

4 days ago
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Apparently, using images in social media marketing boosts engagement. How'd we do? #PlanBunny

1 week ago
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Has anyone found an RFP for the Facekini? #interested #stickingtosunscreen #tobeachhisown

1 week ago
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We clearly have a lot on our plate today... #decisionsdecisions thanks @Envision3Media!

2 weeks ago
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RT @Gunntwitt: The new Jaguar XJR marketing literature arrived in the mail today. Well done! #Jaguar ##XJR

1 month ago
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L8R grammar H8Rs--we'll be watching this on repeat for the rest of the day: #WordCrimes #WeirdAlYankovic #becausewere7

1 month ago
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Now that the #WorldCup is over, can someone please tell us if #BastilleDay is something we're supposed to care about, too...

1 month ago

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Aug 14, 2014 05:16pm

Robin Williams' enormous body of work extends far past the silver screen—reminding us that :30 seconds is plenty of time for true genius to be felt. Thanks, Advertising Age for sharing.

Robin Williams Remembered in Commercials

The much-mourned actor and comic was also the star of commercials through the years

Jul 24, 2014 11:29am

Announcing a new way to visit us here in Chicago—BizCharters Inc! Read how our new client is changing the way fast-paced business professionals fly.

A new way to fly to New York and D.C.

BizCharters, a new private charter jet, will fly from DuPage Airport to New York and Washington, D.C.

Jul 14, 2014 11:39am

Last Friday, members of the Plan B auto team made a pit stop at the Milwaukee Mile for the Harry A. Miller Club Miller's at Milwaukee vintage Indy car event. Many "oohs" and "aahs" ensued.

Jul 09, 2014 06:28pm

We're so proud to support this great organization and their noble mission! Read their baseline report for an enlightening look at the state of the arts in Chicago, a cause that's close to the hearts of everyone at this creative agency.

The Creative Brief – Evolved



Creative. Brief. Most are neither.
As nextgen marketers we studied the evolution in how people read, consume and absorb informational content and decided that the traditional (and often ineffective) creative brief format needed to be updated. We’ve done away with long form narrative copy. Asked more of the key (yet often ignored) business questions. And we created a brief where critical information is conveyed in digestible nuggets. It’s all part of being the agency that can evolve at the speed of change.


If you would like to get our input on your CB, shoot it over to us at

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These videos never get old…even if the footage does…

1 year ago