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And that's our sweet spot

It’s not rocket surgery. Intuitively using the data at our disposal, we can sharpen Buick’s marketing focus like never before…and with remarkable accuracy in some cases. Reaching high-value prospects as efficiently as we reached you, for example, and serving up ads specific to their search behavior. No, this isn’t a Philip Dick novel or some near-future “Black Mirror” fantasy world. It’s Radically Sharper Targeting, and it’s reality marketing in 2020.

Sharper is better

The problem with most ad buys, even today, is that you end up wasting precious marketing dollars talking to people who either aren’t interested in, or aren’t capable of buying, your luxury class SUVs.

A better way to reach them is with Radically Sharper Targeting. We’ve pioneered a way to merge data stores for the purpose of identifying high-value targets with both a likelihood of brand interest and a propensity for buying the caliber of vehicles you make. That means more of your marketing budget can be invested in precision-purchased media that has a much higher chance of connecting with the right people at the right time.

Not only that, but today’s data also affords us a glimpse into whether someone is ready to buy, and if so, what kind of message might best appeal to them. So now you’re delivering ads that are every bit as relevant as they are timely.

Time for Plan B?

Plan B is a luxury automotive marketing specialist with over 15 years of experience and expertise delivering proprietary tools that move cars faster. We can supercharge your prospecting, getting farther faster among both current owners and prospects who aren’t just ready, but able to buy.

Once a vehicle is purchased, Plan B also has the CRM expertise to maintain that relationship and build brand loyalty for future purchases. We can seamlessly team up with your current agency of record or operate independently as your full-service partner. Greater ROI. No long-term contract. That’s a pretty sweet deal.


We’d love to put together a test program so we can show you exactly how Radically Sharper Targeting works…pinpointing the precise people you’re looking for, and making it as easy as possible for them to find the Buick that’s perfect for them.

Connect with us today and we’ll send you a free propaganda pack…no strings attached!

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