Relentlessly Marketing McLaren

Relentless power. Relentless electrification. Relentless marketing.

As McLaren’s first-ever hybrid supercar, the all-new Artura pioneers electrification and race-honed agility. And as 2022 comes to a close, McLaren Americas wants to push on its prospecting efforts and drive qualified leads to the local retailers.

To help drive excitement surrounding this vehicle, Plan B has strategically placed ads in magazines such as Road & Track, and Nobleman as their automotive enthusiast customer base best matches McLaren’s wealthy supercar-buying consumer base.

The marketing efforts included in this latest print ad use engaging wordplay such as ‘intoxicating speed, ultra-light engineering,’ and ‘relentless power,’ as well as Artura’s sleek and sexy look to capture the attention of automotive enlivened readers.

Additionally, the ad includes a QR code that when scanned leads readers to a website and landing page, created by Plan B, where they can register for a private Artura driving experience.

Take a look at the full ad below.


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