Making Infographic Magic


Explaining complex products to a customer base with limited background knowledge can prove a challenge, and power solutions company S&C Electric experienced that obstacle firsthand. When they turned to Plan B for a clever creative solution, we got to work developing infographics that could translate their intricate knowledge into layman’s terms.

After seeing the quality and success of these graphics, S&C has continued to place their trust in the B-Team!

How do we do it? Working closely with clients’ product and subject matter experts, we distill jargon-heavy language into skimmable key points anyone could understand. Then, our über-talented designers illustrate those points in infographics that make even the most complex messages clear and captivating!

We’re no electric engineering experts – even after creating countless pieces for S&C – but we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about cutting-edge electrical innovation worth getting wired about.

Check out a few of the recent pieces we’ve created below!

S&C Infographic: Integrated Solutions Tackle the Nation's Toughest Conditions for Florida Power & Light Company

S&C Infographic: The Impending Danger of Global Wildfires

S&C Infographic: Customer Satisfaction Inspiring Utility Action in Grid Problem Areas

S&C Infographic: Multi-Tier Lateral Automation End-to-End Protection Advances Utility Reliability

S&C Infographic: The Impact on Commercial & Industrial Companies

S&C Infographic: A Spectrum of Microgrids

S&C Infographic: Powerful Consequences of Outages on C & I Businesses

S&C Infographic: 2020 State of Commercial and Industrial Power Reliability

S&C Infographic: PME Pad-Mounted Gear: The Right Solution for a Never-Ending Problem

S&C Infographics: A Green Alternative and 2021 State of Commercial and Industrial Power Reliability

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