A High-Flying, High-Tech Marketing Video Spot Crafted for IEH

A Hi-Tech Mini Movie About Making Strong Connections

Star WarsThe Minority Report…We drew on some ambitious inspiration while creating a new promotional video for the IEH Corporation. But after all, the plan was to take viewers on a hi-tech ride to some very surprising places. And coming up with engaging solutions for technically-complex industries is something we’re no stranger to.

While they didn’t have a Hollywood budget, IEH wanted to appropriately showcase their flagship product, a line of standard-setting hyperboloid connectors that are used in sensitive electronic equipment in demanding conditions: undersea, in the desert, and out in space. We thought that this very cool product demanded a very cool video. So, employing 3D graphics, hi-def renders, and custom animation, we developed a piece that not only explains the innovative technology, but also touched on their rich history as a family-owned company.

Break out the popcorn and watch it now below!

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