Showcasing Offline Products Virtually for Unilock

Staging a Virtually Perfect Event for Unilock

A leading manufacturer in hardscaping materials and systems, Unilock® didn’t want to let a little thing like a global pandemic spoil an important meeting with contractors to promote their innovative U-Cara® multi-face wall system. So they tapped Plan B to stage an engaging, memorable and completely remote live product demonstration event.

unilock takes demonstrations virtual

Out of the gate there were some hurdles: a short lead-time, live presenters in two time zones, and the need for Spanish translation. With our virtual event savvy, we took it all in stride.

After helping to identify and secure a technical platform that met their unique needs, Plan B developed a registration microsite, event emails, and a branded online event platform. We even had a team on-site during the event to ensure everything went smoothly!

The result was a seamless experience that effectively showcased their product line and allowed Unilock to connect with their network at a critical time and under difficult circumstances.

Unilock Creative

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