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Keiser Fitness ‘Brand Book’ Catalog

When Keiser—a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative Dynamic Variable Resistance fitness equipment—asked Plan B to create a master print piece documenting its company history and extensive product line, we got to work creating a two-part brand book that would be as unique as the company itself.

Through the candid, personal voice of founder Dennis Keiser, the piece opens with THE MAN—a colorful collection of anecdotes recalling the many successes, failures, and life lessons that paved the way to Keiser’s success.

To learn about the equipment, readers must physically rotate the book to browse the second section, titled THE MACHINE. Picking up where THE MAN left off, THE MACHINE serves as a comprehensive product catalog, including everything from explanations of the powerful science driving Keiser’s design to detail-rich descriptions of each piece of equipment in its strength, cardio, and functional training lines.

Together, THE MAN and THE MACHINE offers not only a complete documentation of Keiser’s history and products, but a compelling true story of the power of human ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to the belief that “GOOD ENOUGH, ISN’T.”

See for yourself by clicking here to page through the digital version!



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