Gulp Racing at 24 Hours of Lemons

We Fixed Up a Bucket of Bolts and Put it to the Test…for Charity!

It’s no secret that the B Team loves cars. We love fixing ’em. Driving ’em. Racing ’em.

So when the opportunity presented itself to enter our own jacked-up-jalopy into “24 Hours of Lemons” — an endurance race for the more *ahem* “budget-minded” racers — all while doing some good for nonprofit organization Alex’s Lemonade Stand…I mean, how could we say no?

And so, we pulled together 500 bucks for an ol’ VW, grabbed some of the biggest gearheads we knew, and got to work turning our hunk-of-junk into a race-worthy beater. We called it GULP! Racing.

Check out how race day went down by watching the videos below!

(Or, you know, you could just enjoy the crash reel.)

((Also available in super slow motion. You’re welcome.))

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