The Top 11 Ways To Tell Your Agency Has Passed Its Expiration Date

There’s no doubt about it – some advertising stinks, some advertising is stale, and some advertising is just plain rotten. And who’s to blame? The uninspired agency chefs, of course, for using expired insights and watered down strategy. Creative work is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. That’s why Plan B uses only the freshest marketing insights in whipping up custom creative solutions guaranteed to satisfy a variety of consumer tastes. Our seasoned marketing strategists are always out ahead of what’s current, while our creative line cooks are expertly dishing up made-to-order marketing on the fly. Ready for a sample of what we’ve got cooking? Click here.
  1. The tone of their emails is fresher than their ideas
  2. Billing always smells fishy
  3. Mark-ups are getting tougher and tougher to swallow
  4. Their “strategy” decks reek of regurgitated insights (that YOU provided)
  5. Communications have noticeably soured
  6. Stale creative
  7. Their awkward attempts at humor initiate your gag reflex
  8. Despite the enthusiasm of your bubbly Junior Account Coordinator, sales remain flat
  9. Even their freshest ideas no longer pass the smell test
  10. Account Director recommendations keep getting fuzzier

Expiration Number One



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