Top 11 Digital Marketing Developments

With apologies to Madonna, we are now living in a digital world. Digital technology surrounds us and has become a part of everything we do, particularly when it comes to marketing. As marketers, here are the Top 11 Digital Marketing Developments we’ve seen so far in 2013.

11. Second Screen Viewing. People are no longer simply using their tablets to multi-task, they’re using them to create water cooler banter in real-time.

10. Disposable Content. Posts like SnapChat and Vine last only a few seconds before disappearing forever. SnapChat’s makers say that helps mimic real conversation, for which there’s no record. Others say it’s for sexting. Either way, Taco Bell is on board.

9. Responsive Web Design. The PC is but one way to access the Internet (along with tablets and smart phones). It’s important for your website to recognize that (and recognize which device your end user is using).

8. Big Data. Consumers are leaving their digital footprints and fingerprints everywhere. That information will help marketers create better campaigns.

7. Same-Day Delivery. Amazon is looking into the possibility of buying products online and having them at your door within hours. Because we all know how hard it is to wait one extra day.

6. Content. Content. Content. Using SEO and other tools to bring people to your page is great, but unless you give them a reason to be there, they won’t stay very long, and they won’t come back.

5. Live Social Media Interaction.  These days, it’s all about the “conversation with the consumer.” Live chats and behind-the-scenes insights will help humanize the corporate part of that conversation.

4. New Distribution of Quality Content. Netflix. Amazon Instant. YouTube. They’re all enlisting top talent for new programming. (Plus, Arrested Development.)

3. Blippar. Augmented reality has yet to really take off, but combining AR with gaming is an idea that just seems right.

2. Interactive Talking Ads. Siri was an exciting development in mobile phone usage. Imagine that power put toward advertising.

1. Google Glass. We don’t know how people will use it, but we’re as excited as everyone else.


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