Top 11 Ways We’re Avoiding Cabin Fever

Punxsutawney Phil has made his prediction and here at Plan B we are pretty pumped. With Chicago’s winter hitting us hard, spring can’t come soon enough. To keep us calm in the meantime, here’s how we’re avoiding the winter blues:

  1. Portillo’s. Our River North location is surrounded by some of the most delicious restaurants in the country. However, the greasy greatness of this Chicago classic offers fatty treats that our appetites can’t deny.
  2. Making Vine videos. The only drawback? It takes a lot of 6-second videos to fill up a 28,800-second workday.
  3. Drinking coffee. A lot of it. Thankfully, our agency pot prevents us from racking up expenses at the neighborhood Starbucks.
  4. Going to Starbucks. Their bathrooms are SO nice.
  5. Ikea lamps. Thanks to the generosity of the vacated office above us, we now have a two-lamps-per-desk minimum and the sudden need to invest in UV-protective eyewear.
  6. A company workout competition. Let’s just say Dannalyn won’t be the only one with a rockin’ bod at her wedding.
  7. Exploring our office building. Turns out that our 100-year-old building has a lot of hidden treasures. Like a wooden fire escape…
  8. Getting out of the office: Chicago Auto Show, here we come!
  9. Bike riding. Looking for COO Ric Van Sickle? You can catch him in the back room pedaling along to old Tour De France tapes. Looks like someone is committed to our competition.
  10. Playing the thrilling game of “Catch the Cold.” Co-workers that sneeze together stay together.
  11. Getting down to business. As that old saying goes, “heavy winter workloads lead to short summer hours.”  Ok, maybe not, but a team can dream.

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