Top 11 Things Found In A Creative Takeover

Let’s be honest – there’s always been an indelible divide between account folks and creative types. One group is an ADHD test group, easily distracted by mobile Facebook update alerts and aquamarine daydreams inspired by the agency fish tank, while the other group is a tight-assed collection of anal retentives who color coordinate their email storage systems and dry clean their blue jeans. Despite their differences, however, there IS a pleasant state of agency symbiosis made possible by their collaborative cultural contributions. In other words, without the account folks, chaos would certainly ensue.

Here are the Top 11 things that would be found at an agency taken over by creatives:

  1. A freelance Vampire or Zombie (both are trending right now)
  2. A butler, reminiscent of Mr. Belvedere, to come around at lunch to make sure everyone has his or her desired condiments
  3. A slippers-only policy – because comfort is critical to creativity
  4. A tetherball, for keeping everyone sharp
  5. A Play-Doh station for concept development in 3D
  6. A Thunder Dome, where daily duels settle intra-agency disputes…instead of those formal, and painfully awkward, HR meetings
  7. Puppies
  8. A trampoline – for reenacting the scene from the movie Big (Tom Hanks did have a lot of success pitching his ideas)
  9. Onsite bucket drummers
  10. A punching dummy for any displaced aggression brought on by writer’s block and caffeine shortages
  11. A nap room, complete with pillow-top cots, milk and gourmet cookies ­– served by the butler of course

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