Top 11 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Plan B

Though our acclaimed “New Guy” video featured a short walking tour of our Chicago headquarters, it was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to showcasing the inner-workings of Plan B. Yes, our approach to advertising differs quite a bit from most other agencies you’ll encounter, but did you know that even our office is a good example of why we’re known as “the agency alternative”?

That said, we’d like to welcome you inside our offices for a brief photographic tour. From the bizarre to the rockin’, here are the Top 11 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Plan B.

    1. We’re a Favorite Place on Google Maps: Hey, if we’re one of Google’s favorites, it pretty much means we’re one of the world’s favorites, right?

    1. Our Front Meeting Room Doubles as a Shrine of Worship to Zyrgot, Bringer of Pain and Destruction: Though some may disagree with Zyrgot’s nontraditional (and often Draconian) rule of the people of Earth, we find him to be a fair and just god.

    1. We Inspire the Creative Team with Around-the-Clock, Morale-Boosting Music: Nary a day goes by when the creatives don’t bust into a group singalong of Journey’s “Open Arms.” Also, if you’re in our office after 4 p.m. on Friday, you’ll no doubt be subject to our infamous “Hip-Hop Fridays.” We turn Pandora to the Ja Rule station and let fate decide the rest.

    1. Our Walls Feature Artwork by Street Art Prodigy, Kaloyan Slavchev: Just a pre-teen when commissioned to do this work of art for our office, Slavchev’s iconic painting is where the creative and account teams meet to settle disputes with breakdance battles.

    1. Our Office has an On-Site Auto Shop: Plan B’s race team, Gulp Racing, is busy constructing their car for the 24 Hours of LeMons Race Event. Learn more about our car and our team here. We’d love to have you come watch us race sometime this summer!

    1. We Use Old-Timey Technology as Needed: Why would we need a computer capable of running Windows 95? Well, we use old video games to practice driving the courses we’ll be racing on during the 24 Hours of LeMons event. We’re car people; it’s just how we do.

    1. Our Entryway Features Childhood Photos of Our Employees: We feel it’s best to charge toward the future without forgetting our past. This handsome guy is agency partner Don Weaver, who was already rocking the now-fashionable chunky hipster glasses before the rest of our bespectacled employees knew what “cool” was.

    1. Our Building is the Proud Home of One of the Oldest, Rarest Elevators in the City: Seriously, how often have you seen one of these outside of the movies? Yes, it’s a bit intimidating at first, but one ride in this ancient relic automatically makes you part of history.

    1. You Can See Our Office from Space: And by “space” we mean the corner of Illinois and LaSalle on Chicago’s near north side. If you’re passing by one day and very lucky, you might see one of us stick our head out of the window, squint into the sun, declare aloud what the weather is, and retreat back inside. It’s a truly enthralling experience.

    1. We Own an Extensive Collection of “B” Related Memorabilia: It should come as no surprise that we love the letter “b.” Of course, most of these b’s are for decorative purposes only. But, if you need to catch a quick nap during a long night at the office, some of the softer ones make for great impromptu stuffed animals. Get your snuggle on!

  1. Our Offices are Right Across the Hall from Our Sister Social Media Agency, SociaLogic Marketing: What? Really? You say you don’t know who SociaLogic is yet? Get outta town, you ol’ so and so. Visit their website here and get yo’self informed.

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