Top 11 Ad Agency Boardroom Buzz Phrases (And What They Really Mean)

  1. What’s your bandwidth? (I’m about to pass the buck big time).
  2. Let’s capture the low-hanging fruit first (This budget is a joke!).
  3. This is the Final-Final (I know the last one was final, but I didn’t get a chance to look at it).
  4. Let’s shorten the path to productivity (Time to get rid of those smart-asses in research).
  5. We have to get really granular (I have nothing else to do today).
  6. I think we need a 30,000 ft. view of this (The Cannes festival is next week).
  7. If a prospect keeps postponing a follow-up call, they’re just not that into you.
  8. Let’s unfriend this right now (Check me out…using a Facebook term when I don’t even have a Facebook page).
  9. I have a hard stop (Can’t miss 10¢ wings at happy hour)
  10. Let’s crowd-source it (My self-confidence is so poor I recommend asking a bunch of ill-informed strangers for opinions. This will also provide the high-level perspective I need to cover my ass)





Don’t get us wrong – we appreciate best practices, blue-sky thinking, and the “wow” factor. We just have a hard time keeping a straight face sometimes when high-level discussions are driven by buzz lingo – maybe because we’ve been there, and we’re all too familiar with what some of these phrases REALLY mean.

The net-net is this: Talk is cheap…ideas and ACTION are what really matter.

That’s been our stance since we first opened our doors. Getting stuff done more efficiently is our raison d’être. It’s why we don’t play phone tag or sit on emails. We return calls fast. We answer emails fast. About the only thing we don’t do fast is talk, because that’s just a vicious ad guy stereotype.

Our flat organizational structure affords clients direct access to the people they need. It’s a refreshing alternative to the industry norm where talking in circles keeps the meter running, without adding any real value.

So if you’ve got too much on your plate, or just want to run some ideas up the flagpole, maybe it’s time for Plan B.

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