Marketing in the
Fourth Dimension

Synchronizing your earned, owned,
and paid media initiatives

NEW ven diagram1 4D Thinking

Given the mind-numbingly numerous media options at our disposal in the post-digital interactive age, brand managers are increasingly challenged to manage multiple facets of their brand’s earned, owned, and paid media assets. Trying to keep all of the pieces and partners connected can be a cumbersome and time-consuming exercise in vendor management, and at times can feel like utter guesswork. But Plan B’s 4D approach is the balanced, collaborative, and big-picture oversight that leads to greater synergy in your marketing spend, and permits strategic real-time reallocation of resources if market needs should dictate, or if objectives should change. If you’re in tune with this thinking, consider a rebalancing act of your own—with help from the 4D thinkers at Plan B.

The Agency

Traditionally, advertising agencies have relied on three basic compensation models—a commission (on media spend) model, an hourly rate model, or a fixed fee for an agreed-upon scope of work model. We found these traditional models seldom produced the kind of value clients were looking for from their agency, so we changed the game.

Bottom line: Pay for performance isn’t a threat if your work generates the results clients are looking for.

Rather than being compensated strictly by ‘time on task,’ we decided we would earn our profit by consistently delivering bigger ideas, faster and more efficiently. These are the values that make us invaluable. Yes, clients clearly benefit, while old-school agencies resist this notion, arguing that their clients would never offer retail customers a performance-based sliding scale of satisfaction. What they fail to realize is that by mitigating client-side risk we can encourage more activity, more opportunity and more willingness to share the risk of creative innovation.

The traditional client/agency relationship has changed

We embrace collaboration as a creative and strategic tool. Internally, and with our clients. We’ve literally torn down the walls that hinder progress and hamstring efficiency. Case in point: the collaborative workspaces at our office. Dedicated nooks where our B-teams can settle in with clients to discuss what’s going to make their brands grow. Equipped with iPads, Wifi, plenty of the good stuff (caffeine), and a whip-smart staff, our collaboration stations are just one example of Plan B’s commitment to keeping it real…efficient.

Drafting your marketing dream team

You may have noticed. There’s been a strong movement away from fossilized AOR-based relationships—out of frustration with mega-agency traps, perhaps, or out of a necessity to react faster in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Plan B’s on-demand model,
cross-functional communications
experts, and unique 4D approach
make us a solid first draft choice
when assembling your multi-agency
dream team.

We understand the strategy of collaborating with multiple agency partners; it’s an arrangement that’s more than familiar to us. You often get more direct access to dedicated, highly skilled teams. There’s no internal competition for budget. No bureaucracy. Plus, smaller agencies are typically nimbler, and more eager to perform because there’s no retainer-based AOR relationship to exploit.


Planning Process

At Plan B, our primary concern is the effectiveness of the thinking we produce. To that end we believe that every development process must be grounded in diligent strategic planning.

That said, the born-in-the-eighties, plug-and-play, ‘proprietary’ planning process templates that the traditional agency world still touts–(the ones that brought us ‘New’ Coke, and probably Jerry Seinfeld for Microsoft)–have become increasingly irrelevant in a marketing landscape that changes at a pace unimagined even ten years ago. Our ‘Grounded Innovation’ approach is a fluid methodology based on the rigorous pursuit of timely and actionable knowledge–of the consumer, the brand, the category and the way potential channel and messaging strategies might positively affect and influence them.

Value + Values =

As a brand manager, your not-so-simple responsibility is to find and engage the best strategic minds and creative talent to ensure your brands’ competitive advantage—while getting the most for your money from that talent. Unfortunately, both the traditional advertising agency and its technology-spawned and highly specialized stepchildren (the digital agency and the social media marketing firm) have evolved on margin requirements that depend on, if not thrive on, inefficiency.

Instead of the slow, systematic grind of bureaucratic process upon process that constipates the creative at so many large agencies, we thrive on high process metabolism–digesting details expeditiously, and turning insights into actionable ideas at a much faster rate.

Plan B has evolved to have a higher process metabolism. We absorb details rapidly, thinking quicker and acting faster with a dead-on combination of the right size, right team, right timing and right attitude on every project. It’s a formula that yields quantifiable returns with maximum efficiency by adeptly dodging the inefficient wheel-spinning and can-kicking that tend to hold other agencies up.

We’ve done away with the nickel-and-dime-to-death, mark-up mania required to support high-end real estate and technology acquisitions. The innumerable, sometimes inexplicable, and often obtusely rationalized number of hours billed against your budget for redundant, overlapping efforts of ‘specialists.’ And the unsophisticated junior-level insights that gradually become more the rule than the exception after the honeymoon ‘pitch’ phase is over and the real work begins.

We’ve adapted while others have died. And we’re always innovating in the name of efficiency. Because at the rate of change in today’s marketing ecosystem, you need an agency that moves as fast as you do. An agency that can Evolve at the Speed of Change.