Traditional Media Strategies Without The Traditional Huge Commissions.

  • Consumer and B2B Advertising (Print/Radio/Broadcast)
  • Trans-Media Marketing Management
  • CRM Program Development and Management
  • Sales Collateral/Training
  • Design for all Media
  • In-store/POP/Environmental
  • Direct Mail/DRTV
  • Sales Promotion
  • Shopper Marketing
  • New Product Development & Launch
  • Identity and Packaging Design
  • Multilingual, Cultural Alignment

Digital Media Strategies Now Streaming Live
To Your Customers.

  • Website & Microsite Development/SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Database-Driven Web Apps
  • Web 2.0 (rss, wiki, blog, narrowcast, mobile, etc.)
  • Back-End System Integration
  • Webcast and Virtual Events
  • Dynamic Publishing Systems
  • User-Driven Content Development and Management
  • Social Marketing/W.O.M. Campaigns
  • Guerrilla and Viral Programs
  • Entertainment and Placement Marketing
  • Sensory Branding
  • Neuromarketing Design and Analysis
  • Experiential/Field Marketing

B Me Builds Brands
that are Authentically You

Michael Peterson2 372x297 Personal Brand DevelopmentMichael Jordan
NBA Hall of Fame

Your brand is your essence.

It’s a manifestation of what makes you magnetic. A unique symbol of who you are. And everything that makes you special—your talents, your style, your beliefs, and what you have to offer the world. But it isn’t built in a day. It begins with an understanding of who you are and what you stand for. Then, it’s bringing your personal values to life to create a genuine projection of yourself.

Bill Walton 2 372x308 Personal Brand DevelopmentBill Walton
NBA Hall of Fame

B Different

When it comes to personal brand development, B Me is a seriously fresh alternative to the traditional high-pressure, contract-based model common across the personal agent and talent management industries. B Me works differently. We offer on-demand and project-based services—completely customized to your personal needs. Meaning, we work for you. Not the other way around. Instead of working for a cut of what you earn, we earn every assignment by out performing on the last.

We figure you need to perform to keep your job. Why shouldn’t we?

B Me isn’t just easier to work with. Our personal brand building and reputation management services aren’t just more cost-effective. We also can do things other brand building groups can’t—applying deep industry knowledge to create more impactful, more fascinating, and more enticing personal brands.

B More Insightful

Our deep understanding of brand positioning and the needs of marketing managers gives us the ability to strategically craft every aspect of your brand’s presence to authentically bring your personal values to life and translate them into unique marketing opportunities.

“Your brand is everything you are. It’s everything you say. Everything you do. Everything you believe. So you’d better believe us when we say it’s worth doing right.”

We scope out the competitive landscape for insights and opportunities to make your brand rise above the rest. Only then can we help you build a reputation that’s just right instead of right now. We combine our unique industry insight, competitive analysis and social strategy with a strong foundation of data and analytics to provide an actionable plan for building and maintaining your unique brand over time.



Coach K web Personal Brand DevelopmentMike Krzyzewski
Basketball Coach
Leul Dang Bulls Personal Brand DevelopmentLuol Deng
Chicago Bulls
Professional Basketball Player
Matrix Phoenix Suns Personal Brand DevelopmentShawn Marion
Dallas Mavericks
Professional Basketball Player
R Kelly Personal Brand DevelopmentR Kelly


Sports Marketing

Increasing athlete marketability through unique personal strategic plans. B Me tells your real life stories and amplifies the message across all channels to enhance and improve fan loyalty and build advocate and sponsor relationships.

Personal Branding

Bringing your values, abilities and actions to life, B Me creates a clear, positive perception of how others view you, and turns this perception into opportunity.

Brand Voice & Positioning

Forming a fully integrated social presence that establishing long-term equity in your personal brand will and extends your influence and reach far beyond your discipline.

Creative Concept & Design

B Me plans and creates your brand’s look and feel, by combining passion, skills, and ideas, while incorporating your vision into finished products.

Personal Brand Book

Developing a personal brand goes beyond maintaining a reputation. As a full-service agency, we create a visually appealing, multi-media portfolio to leave with your key stakeholders, driving increased interest from your engaged community and possible sponsors.

Social Footprint Analysis

B Me analyzes your brand’s existing position within the social conversation landscape to understand the discourse relevant to your brand, and to provide insights into what interests your fans. Our analysis will uncover trends and engagement patterns (who, what, where, when), as well as the level of sentiment.

Social Conversation Hub

Capturing your social conversations into a single owned platform creates a meeting place for your digital community to hang out and chat. We create custom conversation hubs that bring the passion of your personal brand to life, and harness the energy of the your fans.

Charity Partnerships

Understanding your goals and holistic brand reputation helps us identify potential charitable partners. These philanthropic partnerships can benefit both parties and maximize the most exposure through public relations efforts.

Event Management

B Me identifies important opportunities to take brand/fan relationships to the next level through off-line events and engagements. B Me creates event concepts, coordinates all logistics and manages events on-site, and then amplifies the story online, extending the reach of the event across targeted social channels.

Reputation Management

In a constantly evolving, always-on social culture, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the numerous conversations taking place. We provide real-time monitoring and analysis to maintain your desired reputation. And, we provide in depth training to help you stay in touch with social guidelines, policies, and regulations.

Risk and Crisis Management

(risk = proactive, crisis = reactive)

We identify areas of potential reputational risk and provide recommended strategies to avoid crises.If unexpected events occur, we help you address the public through press announcements or interviews, and determine the impact of a negative news story upon release in order to mitigate consequences.

If we don't do it in-house. We know someone who does.

Plan B offers a broad range of services. But unlike many mid-size advertising agencies and consultancies we don't pretend to do it all (a 22-year-old with an undergraduate specialization in public relations, does not make a "PR Department").

So, we've created an alliance of like-minded partners with specialized skills-sets to supplement our core credentials–as well as a network of global partnerships to deliver support and scalability world-wide.

  • Workhorse Interactive

    Programming and Development

    Website and application development and construction with additional expertise in WordPress, e-commerce, mobile, blogs, storefronts, databases, web services, email marketing engines, and account/product management systems.

    Workhorse Interactive
  • Experient

    Event Marketing

    World-class event planning, integrated meeting and event solutions.

  • Intercultura

    Multilingual Media

    Full-service production and support services for translation and multi-lingual productions of all types.

  • Mbuy

    Audience Based Buying

    Experienced independent media buying agency that utilizes powerful data and technology to simplify the media buying process and deliver better results for advertisers across all media platforms.

  • Kelton Research

    Market Research

    Experienced market research company with flexible services and proven methodologies.

    Kelton Research
  • Marden - Kane

    Sweepstakes and Promotions

    Experts in the legal, administrative and technical aspects of contest deployment, sweepstakes, incentive and rebate programs, games and other promotions.

    Marden - Kane
  • Spiral16

    Social Data Visualization

    A powerful web-based social media research and data visualization platform to listen, measure, and see the online presence of your brand, competitor, industry, or market.

  • SEOmoz

    SEO Management and Reporting

    Simple and intuitive SEO management and reporting software for advanced analysis.